Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Say Please Tea Set

Cheap Toy Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Say Please Tea Set - If you are an advent reader of my blog you would have realised that recently I have been promoting toys from quality merchants, such as Melissa and Doug, Lego etc. This time, I am going to talk about toys from Fisher Price, which is another quality toy maker. Though some of you might have heard that just recently there was a nationwide recall for Fisher Price toys. As you all might already know, Fisher Price is a unit of toymaker Mattel. It was end September when they suddenly issued a release to recall about 10 million toys and other items in the United States and Canada as these items were reported to cause serious injuries in children. 

Some of these toys include the Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway; Fisher-Price tricycle models; Healthy Care, Easy Clean and Close to Me high chairs; and various infant toys with inflatable balls. There has been numerous reports that these objects and toys we were causing injuries such as lacerations and choking hazards. Do note that the toys sold on my Cheap Toys Online blog has not promoted any of these toys or children or baby equipment. I do check for such toy recalls and in the event that any toys showcased on my Cheap Toys Online blog has been asked by the manufacturers to be recalled, I will gladly inform my readers. Anyways the recall this round is not as bad as that in 2007, when Mattel had to recall toys which were contaminated by lead. While the injuries reported can in a way be prevented, having toxic poisonous toys is more dangerous to your little ones.

Anyways back to the focus of today, the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Say Please Tea Set! This Fisher Price toy is part of the family of Fisher Price Laugh and Learn products. Fisher Price laugh and learn toys allows babies and children to have fun let learn something new. This cool new toy has three play modes, which are Learning, Music and Imagination. Young children can then set the play mode, learning is when the fun phrases are played as the children play with the teapot, while music is to allow the teapot to play songs and finally imagination is for the sounds to be played when your child starts to pour tea or open and close the teapot. You can also press the teabag to hear a song!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea SetFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

All this pretend play is just so fun! The Fisher Price Say Please Tea Set comes with the following: 2 teacups, a shapesorting cookie tray, 3 teethable cookies and 3 songs. I guess the best part is that this is an educational toy which teaches babies about numbers, shapes, opposites, manners, greetings and more! Many kids will like the way they hear the special sound effects when they tip the teapot. While Fisher Price has informed that these tea set is strictly not to be used with water, parents are happy about this ruling because it would save them from cleaning up any mess! In addition, there has been reports that children are so into the toy that they have started using this teapot to serve tea to family members, “water” plants or even to top up the dog’s water supply in his dog bowl! Do note that the teapot requires 2 AA batteries for all those songs and music.

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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning KitchenFisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning PuppyFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook RhymesFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical TableFisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

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