All New Bakugan Toys for Sale Online

All New Bakugan Toys for Sale Online - Now by the time you read this post, you must have realised that I have already written many posts on bakugan. If this is some consolation, I am going to tell you that this will not be the last article on my blog on bakugan battle brawler toys because I simply love bakugan! Not only that but I think it is a really cheap hobby or toy for collectors or players. So if you are a bakugan fan stay tuned for more updates on Bakugan toys! Now for this article, I thought I would introduce to you some of the newer bakugan toys that can be bought for sale online.  This article would not have a central theme, but some things from the bakugan universe that you might like and can be easily purchased online. First up is the Bakugan gauntlet costing $16. Check it out!

Bakugan GauntletBakugan Gauntlet

If you have watched the Bakugan TV show, you would have noticed all the bakugan battlers all have their own gauntlets. This gauntlet is red in colour and more of a replica of Dan’s gauntlet. Dan is the main character in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime or cartoon and I am sure you won’t miss him. He is famous for his good relationship with his bakugan known as Drago, which he got to know in the beginning of his bakugan adventures. Dan also trains Drago up to become one of the most powerful bakugan in the series. 

Anyways, this bakugan gauntlet is a really cool roleplay item that suits the bakugan theme when you are dueling your opponents. It can hold and display up to 6 playing cards and even comes with lights and sounds. You can even push the button on top of the front housing to flip up and telescope out card holder. How cool is that? In addition to the Bakugan Gauntlet, you also get an additional 3 Ability Cards and that means you get an upper hand when battling your friends! Do you know that this device also contains a calculator with an LCD screen to help the younger players with the math skills needed to play the Bakugan game easier? So you not only get to play a great game but get help to improve your maths too! Such are the great toys which are only featured on this cheap toys online blog.

To top things off, you can also get the Bakugan Dan Classic Child's Costume. It is available in a few sizes so you need not be afraid that your child wont fit in the costume. This costume comes with fingerless gloves and includes a holder for your cards and a pouch for your Bakugan spheres. There is also a belt attached to the costume. Now with the Bakugan gauntlet and bakugan costume, you are ready to be the all time favourite bakugan battle brawler Dan and meet your opponents on the battlefield!

Bakugan Dan Classic CostumeBakugan Dan Classic Costume

Click here to buy the Bakugan Dan Classic CostumeBakugan Dan Classic Costume

There is one final item that I would like to introduce in this post. By the way, bakugan is sold at many places such as ebay, toys r us and walmart but I would appreciate it very much if you can buy your bakugan toys online from my cheap toys online blog here. I would be listing as many bakugan toys as possible; it would be impossible to list all bakugan toys of course. But I would sure be looking at those new bakugan toys. Anyways this last item is a killer. Check out the Bakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 and the Bakugan BakuTriad S3.

Bakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 - Styles VaryBakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 - Styles Vary
Click here to buy the Bakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 - Styles VaryBakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 - Styles Vary

Bakugan BakuTriad S3- Styles VaryBakugan BakuTriad S3- Styles Vary

Click here to buy the Bakugan BakuTriad S3- Styles VaryBakugan BakuTriad S3- Styles Vary

The Bakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 includes the following: 
2 Bakugans
2 Weaponized Traps
1 Special Attack Bakugan
3 Metal Gate Cards and 3 Ability Cards

while the Bakugan BakuTriad S3 contains 3 Bakugans, 3 Gate Cards and 3 Ability Cards.

If you need to increase your arsenal of bakugan, the Bakugan Brawler's Game Pack Season 3 is quite a good choice. This is one of the few places where you can buy bakugan toys online at low and cheap prices and there is always plenty of bakugan toys for sale to go around the neighbourhood so no rush and just remember to check out my links.

I hope that you liked my bakugan toys reviews. Previously, I have written another post on bakugan which can be found at this page on the Cheap Bakugan Bakubowl Arena. You can do a search to find my other bakugan toy pages within my cheap toys online blog too. Perhaps in the future I will compile a list of bakugan toys but there are so many Bakugan toys out there that I think it will be quite impossible. While this site does not contain any codes on bakugan toys, it allows bakugan fans to easily search for and purchase online those bakugan toys which they so desire. If you do not like bakugan, maybe you will like some Bandai Godzilla Toys.

Bandai Godzilla Toys and Figures Sold Online

Cheap Godzilla toys and figures - Now the last time I did a post on Godzilla toys, I remembered that I told my audience I will follow up with another post on Godzilla toys as well. Of course the theme would be that these Godzilla toys would be cheap, as with all the posts on my cheap toys online blog. In my last post, the Godzilla toys which I talked about was actually focussed on the Godzilla 1998 movie. There were plenty of Godzilla toy that spun off from that movie. Then there was also some Godzilla soft toy plushies that I thought my cheap toy blog readers would like. These are another form of Godzilla toys that many people want to get their hands on. Today I would like to focus on Godzilla toys and figures and of course some of the good Bandai Godzilla toys.

So what are the some of the godzilla action figure toys on sale? Maybe you would want to check out the mecha godzilla toys. Actually mecha godzilla is more commonly spelt as Mechagodzilla.  Mechagodzilla is also known as Mekagojira in Japanese speak. By the way, you should know that godzilla originated in Japan by now and all these are japanese godzilla toys. Bandai is also a Japanese company which specialises in making many Japanese action figure toys. Anyways Mechagodzilla is a fictional character from various films in the Godzilla series. It was first introduced to the world in 1974 in the film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. You can say that Mechagodzilla is Godzilla's mechanical doppelganger. By that it means a evil body double of Godzilla, only that it was mechanical, hence the word mecha.  Mechagodzilla  was also one of the most popular Toho kaiju (Toho is actually the film company which started all this Godzilla stuff while kaiju refers to Godzilla, strange beast or monster). Mechagodzilla has also been given a title of being one of Godzilla's most powerful rivals. Check out some of the Mechagodzilla action figures below, includuing a Mecha King Ghidorah godzilla action figure.
Mecha Godzilla Vinyl Figure (7" Tall)Mecha Godzilla Vinyl Figure

Mecha Godzilla Vinyl FigureGodzilla Monster Island Figures - Mecha GodzillaGodzilla Monster Island Figures - Mecha Godzilla

Godzilla Japanese 9 Inch Vinyl Figure Final Wars Mecha King Ghidorah Re-PaintGodzilla Japanese 9 Inch Vinyl Figure Final Wars Mecha King Ghidorah Re-Paint

Now these toys are again a small selection of the godzilla toys available on the market. There are actually so so much more godzilla toys and it is almost impossible for all godzilla toys to be listed on my blog so please do click on those links are explore some of the other godzilla toys available. Even if you just purchase a single godzilla toy, I would still be very happy! Let me now talk about some godzilla final wars toys. Godzilla: Final Wars is the fiftieth-anniversary film and the twenty-eighth film in the Godzilla film series. As an anniversary celebratory film, a large group of actors from previous Godzilla films actually made appearances as main characters or cameo appearances. This was the same for the kaiju as well, so you actually got to see many different godzilla monsters in this single movie. Despite the title though, rest assured that this is not the last or final Godzilla film.You will hear more about Godzilla toys from this cheap toys blog!

Godzilla Japanese 6" Vinyl Figure Final Wars 2005 Godzilla Re-SculptGodzilla Japanese 6" Vinyl Figure Final Wars 2005 Godzilla Re-Sculpt

Godzilla Japanese 6" Vinyl Figure Final Wars 2005 Godzilla Re-Sculptlarge godzilla final war deluxe action figurelarge godzilla final war deluxe action figure

large godzilla final war deluxe action figureGodzilla 6 Inch Deluxe Vinyl Figure 2004 Final Wars GodzillaGodzilla 6 Inch Deluxe Vinyl Figure 2004 Final Wars Godzilla

Now I guess recently there weren’t any new godzilla movies so that means not many new godzilla toys too. But I guess the above godzilla wars toys are sufficient enough to whet your appetite for now. If there are any godzilla 2000 toys or even godzilla toys 2010 which I doubt we will see any, you would be seeing those toys on this cheap toys online blog first. I do hope you buy some godzilla monster toys from my blog here to show your support. Want to check out my earlier article on Cheap Godzilla Toys, check it out here. Otherwise, maybe you would want to get the LeapFrog Scribble and Write instead.

Cheap Godzilla Toys and Figures

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