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Cheap Godzilla Toys - Today’s post is a bit special because I would be talking about Godzilla toys. Though my blog is mainly about cheap toys online for kids and babies, I thought I would also like to talk about more niche toys like Godzilla toys. I know some parents might find that these toys may not be suitable for their kids, but do you know that there are many kids who are interested in such toys? I guess this applies more to the young boys. Do you also know that there are godzilla plush toys available for sale? While I would guess the godzilla action figure toys are more for the collectors of Japanese monster toys including kaiju toys (kaiju means monsters in Japanese), these plush toys would really cater more to younger children and kids. So parents, you may be scared of Godzilla but not your kids! And do take note its Godzilla and not gorilla!

Anyways, in this article of mine, I plan to introduce to you, or maybe just give you a basic overview of the Godzilla toys out there. I do not want to make my article too long, so I would most likely be writing another article next time on Godzilla toys. The fondest memory I had of a Godzilla toy was when I had a Godzilla zoid. Sadly, its tail broke and I am not sure where its exact location currently is. If you are looking for a Godzilla toy, I do hope that you find something you like here on my cheap toys online blog. Otherwise, you are free to check out my other pages featuring the many cheap toys. If you are looking for a Christmas present, I can assure you that you would be able to find something you like here.

Remember the Godzilla movie shown in 1998? Directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno and Maria Pitillo, this Godzilla movie was a good attempt to re-create a Godzilla figure in USA. Due to some nuclear test due on the islands in the pacific, the nuclear radiation has created a monster known as Godzilla which later even came to Manhattan New York to terrorise the Americans. 

While the movie was not much of a success, I guess it gave Americans a taste of the Godzilla culture prevalent in Japan. Here I would just like to showcase some of these godzilla 1998 toys which were sold and promoted together with this movie. Basically the toys are all variations of the Godzilla monster. Some were electronic and some weren’t. They also come with different kinds of attacks but all seem to be quite big Godzilla action figures. They seem to be running out of stock, guess the movie has already been released for quite a while, so if you are interested to buy these toys, it is best that you get about doing it fast. Who knows if they are still making these toys.

Godzilla Razor Bite Action Figure with Power Lunge & Bite Strike!Cheap Godzilla Toys

Electronic Godzilla Bank with Brutal Automatic Attack Action!Cheap Godzilla Toys

The Ultimate Godzilla Electronic Action FigureCheap Godzilla Toys

Living Godzilla Electronic Action Figure with Motorized Attack & RoarCheap Godzilla Toys

Supreme Genuine Godzilla Action FigureCheap Godzilla Toys

Godzilla Terror At Times Square PlaysetCheap Godzilla Toys

I guess this is the only Godzilla film which is based in America. There are other more notably Godzilla films but these are produced in Japan. I would love to talk about these movies but like I mentioned I would be saving it for my next post on Godzilla toys. Then I will talk about the two more popular Godzilla movies, including Godzilla final wars released in 2004 as well as the Godzilla 2000 movie. Both godzilla final wars toys and godzilla 2000 toys are also available for purchase so if you are patient I will introduce you to some of them next time.

Right now, I would like to focus on some of the plush godzilla toys. While the Japanese godzilla toys and mecha godzilla toys are more for Godzilla fanatics and collectors, the Godzilla plushies are for the children who cannot get enough of these Japanese monsters. While the other godzilla wars toys depict more violence, I am sure the plush godzilla toys would be a good buy for children and kids. Want to get a cool Godzilla mini plush? This plush is seven inches tall and looks absolutely adorable. Check it out below. Oh and if you do like plush toys, check out some of the cutest Naruto Plush Toys here.

Godzilla- Godzilla Mini PlushCheap Godzilla Toys

If you think that Godzilla is a wee bit too tiny, then I would suggest that you get the Toy Vault 50th Anniversary Godzilla Plush Toy. This Godzilla soft toy is slightly more interesting because you can actually squeeze him to hear him roar and the eyes can also light up. It is very tall at 18" from snout to tip of tail. The first Godzilla movie was actually released in 1954, hence this Godzilla plus has been around since 2004. The manufacturers claim that it is a very limited edition plush so if you cannot do without it, better to buy it.

Toy Vault 50th Anniversary Godzilla Plush ToyCheap Godzilla Toys

Now the last plush which I will be showcasing here on my cheap toys online blog is the Godzilla Classic Ty Japanese 8" plush toy. It has an open mouth with a red tonge and black color gold patterned toes with white bead eyes. Now it is very interesting to note that on the sale page it is stated that this Godzilla soft toy was made for sale in Japan only in 2001. Sounds cool that other people living in countries other than Japan now have a chance to buy this cool plush. Only one left so be fast with your hands and feet if you want to grab this one.

Godzilla Classic Ty Japanese 8"Cheap Godzilla Toys

Now that is about all for this article on godzilla monster toys. Hope that you have enjoyed looking at all these godzilla toys for sale. It is impossible for me to display all godzilla toys as there is simply too many. You can always go to the seller’s page to have a look and hunt for the action figures or plush toys which you fancy. Most of the action figures that I will talk about next week are bandai godzilla toys. If I do hear any news of new godzilla toys, I will keep my readers informed on this hub.

If monsters are not your cup of tea, perhaps you would want to look at the Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set instead.

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