Cheap Cool Toy Cars for Kids

Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Toy Cars - Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack - I remembered when I was a young kid I used to like playing with toy cars. Even now when young kids or children learn to go online to play with the internet, I guess you can’t discount the fact that kids still prefer physical stuff like toys, hence I am of the view that car toys will not go out of fashion and will still serve to pull in the crowds for young children, especially young boys. Yes toy cars are a boys thing, and when these boys grow older, some of them may start going for girls, but do not forget most will graduate out of childhood and start to buy real cars. So essentially, cheap children's toys are still the key to a child's heart.

So when I was a kid, I remember there were a few brands of cheap toy cars which were quite popular (off hand I can remember three). There was Hot Wheels and Matchbox by Mattel (Matchbox was formally owned by Tyco but bought over by Mattel) and also Micro Machines by Hasbro (orginally made by Galoob but now part of Hasbro). Think most of my toy cars were by Micro Machines. Perhaps they were cheaper? Because I can remember that I was not so well to do (and I still am not so well to do).

Well today I will just introduce to you this cool Hot Wheels 10 car pack, just perfect cheap kid toys for the family. Basically, the 10 pack toy car box contains ten 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles of about 3" long for kids and children who are into toy cars. Each package contains a fun unifying theme, hence giving you an instant collection of 10 cool toy cars. Do take note that some vehicles may not be appropriate for some Hot Wheels sets and that vehicle styles and models may vary.

You might want to know that nobody has given this toy a bad review. All 16 reviews posted on the Amazon website are either 5 or 4 stars. That is really good isn’t it? There are people who even buy multiple packs to try their luck on what kind of cars they get. Somebody also commented that with the free super saver shipping, it is much cheaper to buy these toys from Amazon then from the stores. The cheap car toys come in all sorts of cars, one customer commented that he had one set with the new Camaro while another had an original Batman car. Well I had no idea they would put Batman cars into such die-cast vehicle packs! Anyways most of the customers purchased the cars as gifts (for their grandsons especially) which is really good to know. Yeah even when I was a young kid I liked playing with cars, trucks, tractors etc almost anything with wheel. You can get something like this as a gift for a child you now or maybe even as a Christmas gift. These cars are durable given that they are all case metal and really well made (seems like they do not contain any plastic parts) hence they do not break up easily unless your child is pretty rough with them.

Oh and if buying these cheap toy cars are not enough, perhaps you would like to check out this Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Triple Stunt Starter Set. Looks really cool doesn't it? Just a thought since you might need some tracks for those wheels ;) Tune in next time for more cheap toys on my cheap toys online blog.
Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Toy Cars - Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack

Cheap Cool Cat Soft Toys on Sale

Cheap Online Toys - Cheap Cat Toys - Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition - This post is about cheap toys but in there is a link to a festival which is coming up to. Right now we are currently in the month of September. Now you know there is a very important festival coming up soon in October. Can you guess what it is? Give you a hint. My blog is about cheap toys online for kids and babies so this festival has something to do with that. Still haven’t got a clue? Let me give you another hint. Does trick or treat ring a bell? Ah, now I’m sure you know what I am talking about! Yes, it is Halloween time which falls on the 31st of October. Not only you have to stock up on some cheap Halloween toys and costumes to maybe scare people or go trick and treating, but you also have to amass a whole load of pastries and sweets for the kids and family.

So I do not have any sweets to sell here, but I do have this cute little plush toy to share with everybody. So if you are looking for some cheap cat toys to add in the Halloween mood (witches are usually associated with Halloween and a companion to the witch is the black cat) you have found the right blog! Have you ever heard of the word Webkinz? Well Webkinz are not just your orginal stuff toy animals. On the outside they look like any normal small plush toy, but do you know that each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique "Secret Code" printed on it? You might then ask what this secret code is for. Basically, this secret code allows the child to log onto the "Webkinz World" website and own a virtual version of that pet which was bought. So your pet not only lives in the real world but also the virtual world! You get to adopt a pet online. How’s that for a cheap pet toy?
The Webkinz pet stuffed toy that I will be introducing to everybody today is the Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition. Do note that this toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. It is a limited edition pet Webkinz and I presume this is so because it was specially created just for Halloween. Hence if you want one, better to buy this cheap toy quick before they fly out of the shelves since Halloween is just around the corner. Just take a look at this cute furry cat.Cheap Cat Toys - Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition

Why I recommend that you buy this cheap cat toy is because it has garnered many good reviews as well. At the time of this post, out of a total of 47 reviews, this Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition has got 39 reviews which are either 5 or 4 stars. Not only do the kids get to enjoy the stuffed toy, but if they are internet savvy they can also go online to join the virtual Webkinz pet world. The cat toy is absolutely cute with an adorable pink nose with green eyes and it even has some sparkle in its fur. Most importantly, the stuffed toy cat serves as a very good gift for Halloween (or maybe you can keep it till Christmas). In addition, the Webkinz website is also a very interesting website which is safe for kids to play in. There are no pop ups or bad advertisements there that children can sometimes stray onto. So if you are looking for some cheap toys, Webkinz not only gives you a physical toy but a virtual one too.

As for those bad reviews, you might want to know that the complaints are against the Webkinz website and not against this cute stuffed toy cat. Basically some people are having problems logging into the website. In addition, there are claims the some people are trying to sell virtual items in the website for high prices. But then that’s not new, lots of online gamers try to make cash selling their online items. So I can only tell this people to bear with that and in the meantime enjoy this cool Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition.

Cheap Online Toys - Cheap Cat Toys - Webkinz Halloween Black Cat Limited Edition

Cheap Baby Toys - Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Baby Toys - Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

In my previous posts, I have talked about cheap toys meant for kids or children. My cheap toys online blog is mainly targeted for two different groups of readers, those looking for cheap toys online for kids or children or those looking for some cheap toys for babies. Well maybe you are a new parent, this is your first child, or maybe you are the mother who has gone through a few pregnancies or the father who is already a father of a few kids, but no matter which group you belong to, I guess you know that It is important that a baby gets some interactive toys to stimulate their brains. It is said that certain body functions such as neurons only grow and form synapses with other neurons when a child is very young and in the baby stage. Hence it is very important that you find good and cheap educational toys so that your baby grows up to be smart and intelligent.

So if you are scratching your heads and wondering where to find a good and cheap children toy for the baby online, then you have come to the right blog. In this post, I am going to introduce a cheap baby toy that costs less than 10 dollars. Less, that is right, you read correctly it costs less than 10 dollars. This toy not only lets the baby recognise colours and shapes, but also promotes eye-hand coordination and other early skills necessary for a baby. This toy is ideal for babies 6 months old and above till 3 years, hence a young child can also play on this toy. Well I shall now let you have a glimpse of this cheap baby toy, which is the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks.
Cheap Baby Toys - Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

With this cheap fisher price toy, babies can sort, stack and learn to identify the different coloured shapes and figures of the blocks. They can only fit the correct shapes through the shape sorting lid into the bucket. There are 10 blocks included in the toy and they come in different colours, hence the parents can even teach the child or baby colours. The reviews of this cheap educational toy is very good. Most reviews gave this cheap toy a 5 or 4 stars rating (66 out of 76 reviews at the time of this post) and most parents are very happy with this baby toy. The toy is described as not only durable but inexpensive as well. The main complaint is that the lid does not stay very firmly on the bucket. Hence many babies were actually smart enough to take the lid off and put the blocks into the bucket directly! Now that is what I call babies who think out of the box. Oh and there is another problem though. Some folks are saying that this toy being made in China is made of plastic that is not safe. I am not sure whether these remarks are justified when it is the number 11 best selling toy under the toys and games category (not just the baby toys section) and number 1 best seller at 3 other different categories (Playmats & Activity Centers, cheap Toddler Toys and Playmats) at the time of this post and has so many good reviews! Most toys come from China now these days, so if you really want to play safe, you may need to look for only made in US toys.
Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Baby Toys - Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Cheap Bakugan Battle Brawler Toys

Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Bakugan Toys - If you are looking for the latest toy fad in town but you are really on a budget and would like to buy something cheap, then I have the perfect cheap toy for you. Ever heard of the word Bakugan? If not, where have you been? Bakugan toys are sort of like the latest card toy game to hit planet Earth and whats more there are plenty of Cheap Bakugan Toys in the market. The style of play is a bit different compared to other card games because you need these cheap Bakugan toys to play the game. Hence it is more like a sem-card game. However, I would say that these cheap bakugan figures can actually be played on their own. I mean there are just like mini pocket monsters that you can use to battle with your friends. But of course, you miss out on those things like monster stats, but maybe you can just buy this bakugan battle brawlers to play with especially for those younger kids (do take note that these bakugan cheap toys are recommended for children aged 5 to 14 years). These toys do make good cheap kids toys though.

Then maybe you might ask if you want to play Bakugan the proper way, how do you go about doing it? If I am not wrong you would first have to set up a bakugan battle arena. When it is time to battle, you have to throw out your bakugan (which is rolled up into a ball at first). This bakugan is thrown onto the bakugan battle arena and when it hits, it opens to reveal a bakugan battle brawler, something like a monster that you use to battle your opponent. You can then play the cards that you have, these can give your bakugan added powers or special moves, or even weaken your opponent’s bakugan. Take a look at the picture below, hopefully it can give you a better idea of what I am talking about.
Cheap Bakugan Toys Bakugan Starter PackClick here to buy a Bakugan Starter Pack Bakugan Starter Pack!

Anyways, my cheap toys online blog is a blog where I introduce cheap toys to my readers. I will not be going into the specifics or details of Bakugan battling. If you are interested to find out how to play with these cheap bakugan toys, perhaps you might want to google “how to play bakugan toys”. Then again, if you are lucky enough to have watched the Bakugan anime series which is or was shown on television, then you might also have a good idea of how these bakugan are played. It is similar in a sense but of course the bakugan in real life is just a small plastic ball that throws and opens up into a small monster, whereas in the anime those bakugan monsters are hugh! Nice cheap plastic toys!
If you are interested to buy some cheap bakugan toys, you would first have to purchase a Bakugan Starter Pack Bakugan Starter Pack. The styles and colour of these bakugan toys vary, so you will never know what you are going to get. The Bakugan starter pack is very much a cheap toy, it costs less than 10 bucks. If you are really keen to start a Bakugan empire, then you can expand your starter pack by buying some Bakugan Booster Packs Bakugan Booster Packs or maybe some Bakugan Battle Packs Bakugan Battle Packs. If you want even more fun and perhaps you are the adventurous sort perhaps you want to consider getting a Bakugan Launcher Bakugan Launcher to launch your bakugan into the battle field or even buy a proper Bakugan Battle Arena Bakugan Battle Arena so that you can have a proper playing field where you can place your cards and summon your bakugan etc. If you do not fancy the above, you can even buy your own bakugan battle brawlers or maybe trade cards or bakugan with people online. Of course these options would be more expensive, but if you want a powerful deck and powerful bakugan, then you would have to spend some money to achieve that. This is more for the professionals but as you save more money to buy toys, you might want to consider building up your bakugan empire. Then again if you are not interested in battles and monsters, perhaps you should get a Zhu Zhu Hamster Cheap Toy instead.

The combinations of buying these amazing toys are endless and I guess you can never get tired of playing bakugan action figures. Take my advice, try to catch an episode of the Bakugan battle brawlers to find out what these interesting bakugan are about. Google to find out more about bakugan and see how it is played. I suppose if you like playing magic the gathering or the pokemon trading card game then the bakugan battle brawlers may be the right toy for you. I hope you do not get confused by all these choices for cheap childrens toys as they seem pretty endless. That is why I can keep on going on and on about cheap toys online. I hope you enjoyed this post on cheap bakugan toys. Will talk about even more cheap toys in time to come.

Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Bakugan Toys

Zhu Zhu Pets Cheap Toys on Sale

Cheap Toys Online - Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Cheap Toys - Now there is this interesting craze in the cheap toys market. Apparently there is this new Zhu Zhu Hamster Pets that is driving a buying craze. Think they are mainly bought by parents who have children that want a pet very badly but they are not keen to maybe buy a real pet for the child. Hence, this pseudo pet hamster toy came into the market. And do not belittle this toy as it seems that these cute and cheap electronic toys can run on about on their own (the cheap toys even come with 2 AAA batteries, though of course you can expect these batteries to not be running that long). Other than that, these toys not only look like the real thing but you can also buy separate accessories for them, like the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Funhouse Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Funhouse , the Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Hamster Wheel Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Hamster Wheel and the Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball . This Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster wheel reminds me of a nice movie that I have watched.

Remember the Hamster from Bolt the movie? Bolt is about a dog who is actually a movie star and doesn’t know that his special powers are actually not real and just special effects for the purpose of the movie. He gets separated from his owner and during his journey to get back to her, he meets this hamster in the ball whose name is Rhino. That pet hamster was really cute though! So this may be the inspiration for this cute little cheap toy. Well maybe you should just take a look at this Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster. If you are interested to get one of these Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, you can click here to buy a Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Num Nums . From there, you would be able to find links to other Zhu Zhu Pet accessories.

If you speak Chinese, you would remark that Zhu actually means pig (and I guess Zhu Zhu just means pig pig, the Chinese are used to using 2 characters to describe things, especially things that are cute). I am not sure if a hamster classifies as a pig but I would guess there is some resemblance. Anyways, these makers, Chinese or not, are pretty ingenious to come up with different names for the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters. There is Mr Squiggles who is light brown in colour and has a squiggle on its back; there is Num Nums in light grey fur (this is the hamster shown in the picture of my blog), Pipsqueak who is yellow in colour with something like a star on its back and Chunk who is white in colour (can’t seem to see the design on its back as it is all white). If you ask me I think they should have left the naming to the consumers! But they are being very creative to come up with different colours and names, and to have created such real cheap toys for kids.

I have to caution you though that these cheap kids toys are meant for those aged three and up. In the reviews that I see, people are complaining about the high prices of these toys that are sold online. Hence I would recommend that if you are not in a rush to get these cheap toys as a gift for somebody then perhaps you might want to consider buying these toys in the comfort of your home through the internet and online of course. If not, they should be sold at Walmart or Target. If you are buying some gifts for Christmas, perhaps it is time to stock up some of these cheap kids toys now. There are many toys for cheap that you can get online. You can only get such good advice from the Cheap Toys Online Blog. :)
Cheap Toys Online - Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Cheap Toys

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