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Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Toy Cars - Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack - I remembered when I was a young kid I used to like playing with toy cars. Even now when young kids or children learn to go online to play with the internet, I guess you can’t discount the fact that kids still prefer physical stuff like toys, hence I am of the view that car toys will not go out of fashion and will still serve to pull in the crowds for young children, especially young boys. Yes toy cars are a boys thing, and when these boys grow older, some of them may start going for girls, but do not forget most will graduate out of childhood and start to buy real cars. So essentially, cheap children's toys are still the key to a child's heart.

So when I was a kid, I remember there were a few brands of cheap toy cars which were quite popular (off hand I can remember three). There was Hot Wheels and Matchbox by Mattel (Matchbox was formally owned by Tyco but bought over by Mattel) and also Micro Machines by Hasbro (orginally made by Galoob but now part of Hasbro). Think most of my toy cars were by Micro Machines. Perhaps they were cheaper? Because I can remember that I was not so well to do (and I still am not so well to do).

Well today I will just introduce to you this cool Hot Wheels 10 car pack, just perfect cheap kid toys for the family. Basically, the 10 pack toy car box contains ten 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles of about 3" long for kids and children who are into toy cars. Each package contains a fun unifying theme, hence giving you an instant collection of 10 cool toy cars. Do take note that some vehicles may not be appropriate for some Hot Wheels sets and that vehicle styles and models may vary.

You might want to know that nobody has given this toy a bad review. All 16 reviews posted on the Amazon website are either 5 or 4 stars. That is really good isn’t it? There are people who even buy multiple packs to try their luck on what kind of cars they get. Somebody also commented that with the free super saver shipping, it is much cheaper to buy these toys from Amazon then from the stores. The cheap car toys come in all sorts of cars, one customer commented that he had one set with the new Camaro while another had an original Batman car. Well I had no idea they would put Batman cars into such die-cast vehicle packs! Anyways most of the customers purchased the cars as gifts (for their grandsons especially) which is really good to know. Yeah even when I was a young kid I liked playing with cars, trucks, tractors etc almost anything with wheel. You can get something like this as a gift for a child you now or maybe even as a Christmas gift. These cars are durable given that they are all case metal and really well made (seems like they do not contain any plastic parts) hence they do not break up easily unless your child is pretty rough with them.

Oh and if buying these cheap toy cars are not enough, perhaps you would like to check out this Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Triple Stunt Starter Set. Looks really cool doesn't it? Just a thought since you might need some tracks for those wheels ;) Tune in next time for more cheap toys on my cheap toys online blog.
Cheap Toys Online - Cheap Toy Cars - Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack


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