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Cheap Toy Blenders - Ever thought about encouraging your kids to drink healthy smoothies which are made from some cheap yet fun and interesting toy blenders? Well instilling healthy eating habits in your children should be high on every parent's list. One way to encourage such a useful health habit is though play as well as what else? Educational toys! I hope this article of mine will give you some good ideas of getting kids to have fun while enjoying some healthy treats!

You may not know but making healthy smoothies for kids and adults is all the rage right now, and for the best nutrition you should try some of those cool green smoothies. In case you do not know anything about green smoothies, these are simply fruit smoothies made with some green ingredients added to the mix, such as spinach, kale, parsley or lettuce (which really means anything which is green and edible, referring to vegetables and anything that contains chlorophyll!). If your child refuses to eat his or her greens and veggies, green smoothies are a great way to add these healthy foods to your child's menu without them even noticing the green taste. But you might ask how you can actually achieve such a feat?

My son loves to drink a big glass of green smoothies once or twice a day. It was not easy at the beginning but I am sure once he or she starts the habit, your child will be absolutely hooked! If your child refuses to drink smoothies (which is really hard to imagine, because they taste sweet and delicious), you can use various tricks to encourage him or her to try them. One trick is to buy a colored container, such as the Dr. Sears Smoothie Sipper, that will help conceal the green color of the drink that some kids may find questionable. Check out the Dr Sears Smoothie Sipper below, which is actually suitable for small kids and even babies!

Getting your kids a toy blender is another great idea. Children love to pretend play and there are many toy blenders that you can find online to buy or purchase. For example, you can buy the Pastel Smoothie Set or the Play at Home Toy Blender. These toys are very appealing and your kids can now pretend to make their own healthy smoothies! Check out the Pastel Smoothie Set and Play at Home Toy Blender at home! While these might be just another toy to you, be thrilled when you see your kids being engrossed in making their own smoothies and drinking them!

If you are more interested in other types of toys, I do have other great recommendations for you too. Check out the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Say Please Tea Set which is something similar just that you cant make real tea from this toy set! and of course the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System which is more educational than anything. Of course if it is a son who wants like war and fighting, perhaps the Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus just might do the trick. Of course if all else fails, you can always go back to smoothie drinking. I am going to make my own smoothie using a cheap toy blender now so till next time ta ta!

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