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Cheap Naruto Weapon Toys - Today’s topic is going to be a cool one. You know why? Because we are going to be talking about Naruto again. If you still do not know who Naruto is or what Naruto is about, I guess you also have not been reading my previous articles on Naruto! Nevertheless at the end of this article I will provide the links back to the previous write-ups. In essence, Naruto is a ninja and also a comic book and animation series of the same name. The main character is known as Naruto. He is a really funny character but he is really someone whom you can count on and rely on. Today’s focus would unfortunately or fortunately not be on real naruto weapons but toy naruto weapons that you might want to consider buying! Check them out!

Naruto NR Massive ShurricaneNaruto NR Massive Shurricane

Now these naruto weapons are all at everyday low prices and this is the cheap toys online guarantee that I am providing. Do you know what are Shurricanes? Well the naruto weapons above show some Shurricanes. By the way, Naruto is based on Japanese ninja so all these naruto weapons are all Japanese weapons. The Shurricane can also be called a ninja star. Basically, it is thrown like a Frisbee only that it is shaped like a star with sharp edges so that it will cut into your opponents. Of course unlike the Frisbee the Shurricans will not return to their throwers. There is also a hole in the middle of the Shurikens probably to ensure that the metal is even distributed. Do also note the different spellings of this naruto weapon.

Naruto Mattel Toy Accessory Kolossal 18 Inch Kunai (Dagger)Naruto Mattel Toy Accessory Kolossal 18 Inch Kunai (Dagger)

Naruto Mattel Toy Accessory Kolossal 18 Inch Kunai (Dagger)

Three Piece Black Ninja Kunai Dagger Set 9 InchThree Piece Black Ninja Kunai Dagger Set 9 Inch

Now the next weapon seems to be quite popular, given the various naruto weapons pack that actually promote this weapon. This is none other than the kunai. The kunai is a throwing knife. The knife is sharp on both edges and its handle is also made of metal. At the end of the handle would be a metallic ring probably to allow the ninja to attach something extra like another weapon or even explosive tags. This is one of the most common weapons of a ninja. If you want to buy naruto weapons, this is definitely something you should get. Build your own naruto weapons arsenal by buying some kunai. They come in various lengths from the 18 inch one at the top to the middle one which is 9 inches and the shortest one at the bottom at only 6.5 inches.

New Naruto Anime Sasuke Uchiha Ninja Kusanagi Cosplay SwordNew Naruto Anime Sasuke Uchiha Ninja Kusanagi Cosplay Sword

Next up on the list are some Naruto swords. They are quite specialized, i.e. most of the swords are different in nature, so I will be going through some of the swords separately. The first sword shown above is the accurate replica of the Sasuke Uchiha Ninja Katana. If you are thinking of buying some naruto weapons replicas, it is possible but do take note to check the details. For example, some swords may just be used for cosplay uses while others are just meant for display because these swords may really be sharp. The same applies to the shurrikans and the kunai. As for the above sword, it features a black finished and steel constructed blade which is slightly sharpened. The handle and scabbard are both made of hardwood. You can say that the entire sword is designed in detailed accuracy. Surprisingly the sword is less than $25. Sasuke is one of the other characters in the series and you can check out the Sasuke naruto action figure here.

Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Naruto Anime SwordSasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Naruto Anime Sword

Next I also have another sword used by Sasuke. This is the Sasuke Kusanagi sword, which comes with an all white scabbard with black stripe including a red bubble on the handle. The blade itself comes with two colour tones, black and silver. It is factory sharpened and straight like an arrow. The handle is made up of all natural wood. This sword will definitely make any Naruto fan happy.

Mattel - Naruto Zabuza's SwordMattel - Naruto Zabuza's Sword

Mattel - Naruto Zabuza's SwordNow one of the last swords I have up my sleeve is the Zabuza sword used by the Zabuza character in Shonen Jump's Naruto. The crazy thing is that this sword is a whole 29 inches now aint that great? It is an exact replica of the ninja weapon and it even comes with electronic fighting sounds!

By the way I do not have the full naruto weapons list but you might want to check out the naruto weapons wiki which may offer a greater variety of naruto weapons. I do have other naruto toys on my cheap toys online blog though and I can safely assure you that the main naruto weapons are the shurrikan, kunai and sword. Various characters may use other weapons, while most of the fighting is also done through the use of magic or mana or in Naruto speak Chakra. So hope that after you read my review of Naruto weapons to buy, you would be interested in some cosplay or buy naruto weapons just for collecting. If you are on a budget, you might also want to consider reading up on how to how to make naruto weapons. It is a pretty cool thing to do! And if you do not like Naruto, maybe I can interest you in the Lamaze Jacques the Peacock Cheap Toy instead! Just kidding!

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