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Lamaze Jacques the Peacock - There is a new bird in town – check out Jacques the Peacock, which is another cool Lamaze toy! If you recall I had recommended a Lamaze toy in one of my earlier posts. Lamaze toys are special toys which are designed to create a stimulating experience for infants and young children. It is based on a three principles or steps which are "awakening the senses", "exploring and experimenting" and "moving and doing". While Jacques the Peacock is similar to the earlier Lamaze toy which I introduced, Freddie the Firefly, I would say that they complement each other. If you have bought Freddie the Firefly and think it is an awesome toy, I would say that you buy Jacques the Peacock too! Not to forget that Christmas is coming, so it is a great time to stock up on these toys which can not only be given as gifts but to your own children too!

Lamaze Jacques the PeacockLamaze Jacques the Peacock

Now one of the best ideas to get young children or babies is actually to buy some plush toys. These plush toys or soft toys are soft and thus harmless to children, unless they got small objects but usually they are not made that way. Jacques the Peacock is an example of a great plushie that can keep babies entertained. This toy is not only meant for babies, but can be used by babies till they grow up. It is easy to bring along with the baby anywhere because it has a Lamaze clip or link allowing easy attachment to strollers, carriers, diaper bags and anything you can think of. You can even use this link to connect to other Lamaze toys such as a play mat or activity gym.

Then of course there is the part about "awakening the senses". The thing about this Lamaze toy is that the Lamaze Play and Grow Peacock does not only have bright colours and multiple textures but it also comes with sounds that will stimulate and delight your baby. Do you know that when babies are first born, they can only see in black and white? By providing bright and high contrast patterns on the peacock’s body, the babies’ vision is stimulated, while the presence of bold solid colours will also aloow the babies’ eyes to rest. The sounds that come with Lamaze Jacques include the crinkle, squeakers, rattle and jingles that will develop the babies’ auditory skills. Jacques the Peacock  also comes with large friendly eyes allowing the babies to focus and stare at a single object and also helping them to calm down while supporting healthy eye development.

This toy is manufactured to the highest of standards and made with a child safe design. Like I said it is a soft toy with a soft velour body that invites snuggling, cuddling and playing. Other than having the rattle squeaker and crinkle, the busy wings also have different textures and interactive components. This includes the mirror, which allows for both independent and parent to baby peek-a-boo play. Such features will keep baby engaged as he grows. In addition, the Play and Grow Lamaze Jacques the Peacock also comes with a limited 90 day warranty. How is that a great bargain and cheap toy!

Hope you have enjoyed my Lamaze Jacques the Peacock cheap toy review. This toy is recommended for babies and young children of all ages so go ahead and get this safe and stimulating toys for your young ones now. Whether they are playing in the crib, play pen or preparing for a nap, your babies will enjoy hours of delight with the Play and Grow Peacock Lamaze Jacques the peacock. Do check out the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly for cheap as well, or the following bestselling Lamaze products selling at cheap toy prices below:

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