Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set

Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set Toy - Now Lego is hardly a cheap toy, but there are some Lego sets out there which can be worth your buck! Here at cheap toys online I try to give you some good recommendations for some really good deals on toys and these toys are usually under $30 if not $50. Well today I have found a good Lego bargain for you which costs about $25. The thing about Legos is that they are durable and offer maximum unlimited replay value. You can almost say that they are indestructible and once your children or kids get tired of them, I am sure that you can even sell the parts on eBay. I have come across somebody who buys Lego off from eBay by their weight. So buying Lego makes for a good investment! Today, I would like to introduce to you the LEGO Ultimate Building Set:

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)

Click here to buy the LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)

The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is the perfect cheap Lego toy set for toddlers or babies who have graduated from the Duplo stage. For those who are unaware, Lego also has Duplo bricks which are bigger Lego bricks more suitable for younger babies. The LEGO Ultimate Building Set would be the next best set for small young children before they try out Lego sets which include more detailed building instructions. Allow your child to continue on his or her Lego journey with this new Lego tub featuring a great assortment of LEGO bricks and elements! This container allows the Lego bricks to be easily packed up after play and stored away under the bed. The transparent lid also lets the builders display their models within the tub.

Now there are many Lego sets being sold which come with a building plan. The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is slightly different in that it comes with a whole load of bricks (405 pieces to be exact but you would never know if sometimes they give you more bricks accidentally) but there are no specific building plans that come with it, i.e. you can use these bricks and do anything you want with them! There are however building instructions for 5 models and photo inspiration for 25 more so it is up to you whether you want to try out building these models first. These 5 models include a house, helicopter, dog and car. However, do note that these instructions may be challenging for younger children, hence parents should be nearby to offer assistance if required.

The bricks within this cheap toy set include a building plate, minifigure, windows, doors and wheels. Unfortunately, the 405 pieces provided with the tub may not be sufficient for play. Parents of children who require more pieces, such as wheels to make more cars or plates to erect more buildings, can consider buying additional cheap Lego brick sets such as the LEGO 4+ Basic Bulk Set. The Lego Ultimate Building Set contains many small pieces and is thus designed for kids ages four and older. It includes everything a child needs to take the first steps to becoming an expert Lego builder. 

All I can say is having an open ended set encourages more creativity in kids and children. In addition, I am sure that Lego is an educational and intelligent toy which promotes quiet and thoughtful play. They are seriously fun and also help to develop the child’s motor skills and coordination. Just let your child’s imagination run wild! Children will never actually grow out of this Ultimate Building Set. All of the Lego pieces can be incorporated into future Lego collections. So the more Lego sets you buy, the greater the synergy and combined value of all your Lego.

So to end this post, all I can say is to get busy building some Lego! I have missed those days when I was younger and happy playing with Legos. Things are not the same now that I am an adult. But of course blogging about cheap toys help me keep part of my sanity in this insane world. This jam-packed Lego ultimate tub features the necessary assortment of LEGO bricks that your child needs to get started in Lego. So do your child a favour, buy him this Lego set and give it to him or her as a gift. I am sure your kid would be most grateful, it is only a small price to pay for a great bundle of fun. After that just come back to my blog again for more cheap toys and repeat the process! Enjoy those Legos!

If you are interested in checking out more creative toys, why not consider buying either the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel or the Pixos Ultimate Design Station? I am sure your child will end up as a creative genius!

Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set Toy

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel - Hello there toy lovers! Once again I have another cheap toy up my sleeve, or should I say up my easel? This time I am happy to bring to your attention the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel! I always try to satisfy my readers by introducing something different all the time. Say hello to another premium toy product from Melissa and Doug, the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel! While my previous post about a cheap remote controlled toy helicopter was more for adventure seeking folk, I am now happy to bring to you a cheap toy that can not only develop the artistic talents of your kids but also aid them to become more creative individuals! 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

I know there is a need for children to start developing their creative side from young given that the future people who are creative. Take Steve Jobs for example, who creative ingenuity has propelled Apple to great heights. Millions of people rush to buy Apple products now just because they are seen as sleek, cool, creative and out of the box. Hopefully, when you buy the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel, it will also allow your child to develop his imaginative side. He or she will be given the freedom to draw or write anything he wants with the extra-large chalkboard and dry-erase board. The fun would never end as your kid spends hours drawing, painting, sketching, and creating new worlds. Furthermore, it is also an excellent educational item. As the parent, you can be the teacher and use the chalkboard for some great lessons in mathematics, English or anything else which you so choose. According to the manufacturers, this standing easel work station is ideal for kids ages four through ten.

Just some details on this great cheap toy which brings out the best of creativity in children. First of all it is double-sided, and hence allows drawing or writing on both sides of the easel. In addition, both sides are different. One side is for chalk while the other contains a dry erase board. You can also adjust the height of the easel such that it would be just high enough for your kids as they grow older. Maybe adults can participate and starting drawing something too! While many people might just think that this easel is just a toy, I would want to highlight to you that it is more like a professional easel, and it is also generously sized so that children can complete projects both big and small. It is made of durable wood and thus stable and won't tip easily. After the kids have finished with their doodling, you can even fold it up easily for convenient storage. 

So what else is included in the package? There is a locking paper roll holder and this allows your child to easily replenish the paper on the easel. Then there is a child-safe paper cutter which allows your child to cut off his or her piece of artwork once it is done from the easel. In addition, there are also four clips to clip the paper to the board as well as plastic trays which is to be attached to each side of the easel to allow your child to have easy access to any art supplies. The sturdy paint tray comes with cup holders for easy use and clean-up. There is also another tool tray that holds erasers, chalks and clips. These brightly colored tool containers are also simple enough for tiny fingers to utilize. Do note that the paper rolls and paint cups and the art supplied are not included in the package though. The parts of the easel are easily assembled and very soon your children would be able to start doodling. Parents may however have to assist removing and loading the paper, as it can be difficult for kids to do on their own.

The best thing of all is that if you buy this easel from Amazon, you can ship it in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging. This packaging is recyclable and also an easy-to-open alternative to traditional packaging. Products in Frustration-Free Packaging are exactly the same as those sent via traditional packaging just that the packaging has been streamlined. There are no wire ties, hard plastic "clamshell" casings or plastic bindings with this packaging and you can even open it without using a box cutter or knife! So do get this toy with Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging since it is available.

A standing easel is a must have for any young budding artist and will unleash the little artist inside every child and spark a lifelong interest in fine art. Who knows if your kid will become the next Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh! Buy the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel cheap toy now! Which better easel to buy than one from Melissa and Doug which offers exceptional quality and value! Check out the other Melissa and Doug cheap toys from my cheap toys online blog including Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box and the Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Birthday Cake! Do also check out my previous post on the Syma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel Cheap Toy

Syma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107

Syma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107 - If you are one of those remote control freaks like me, you would have definitely heard of the Syma remote controlled helicopters. RC actually means remote controlled by the way! You must be thinking how expensive a remote controlled helicopter might cost but you may be surprised because some of them is pretty cheap! Take for example this brand new Syma RC helicopter which I found from Amazon. The full name of this helicopter is the New Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Co-Axial Metal Body Frame and Built-in Gyroscope RC Remote Controlled Helicopter. While its usual price used to be $130, it is now selling for less than $30! Now that means a savings of $100! No wonder I am recommending this toy on my cheap toys blog! Take a look at this beauty here!

New Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Co-Axial Metal Body Frame & Built-in Gyroscope RC Remote Controlled Helicopter (Colors may vary)Syma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107
Click here to buy the New Syma 3 Channel S107 RC Remote Controlled HelicopterSyma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107

You would be happy to know that this brand new 3 Channel Gyro mini Metal remote controlled helicopter is actually one of the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopters you can get! It only measures approximately 7.5 inches long and hence it can fit easily in the palm of your hand! That is not all. Be patient with me as I will just rattle off some of the features of this excellent toy here. Do not belittle its small size as it is a fully functional remote control helicopter. It is also equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology. For those who do not know what a gyroscope means, it is actually a device which is used to measure or maintain orientation, based on the principles of conservation of angular momentum. Do not ask me what those principles are but it only means that the helicopter is pretty stable and can be steered easily while it is in the air. Such good quality RC helicopters can only come from Syma!

And that is not all! This mini Metal Gyro helicopter can charge its energy directly from the USB cable provided or from the controller which uses "AA" batteries. Each charge takes about 25 to 30 minutes and this allows the helicopter to perform a 8-12 minutes flight. I guess times have changed and given that many people have computers these days, even the USB port has become a good outlet to charge RC helicopter cheap toys! The 3 channels of the RC copter also means that you can control the helicopter easily. Three channels usually means that you can control the rudder, elevator and throttle of the aircraft and this means that you can move the Syma 3 Channel S107 RC Helicopter up, down, left, right, forward and even backward! How cool is that!

Anyways, if you buy the Syma New Model S107 3 Channel Gyro Metal RC Helicopter, it just comes as it is and absolutely no assembly is required. Once you purchase this cheap toy online and it is delivered to you, open the package and straight away you can do some RC heli flying! Do take note that there are limited colours available. Currently only red and yellow helicopters are available. The frequencies of the remote control vary too though.

While it has been stated that this cheap toy is only suitable for those ages 14 and above, the ease of flying this Syma RC 3 Channel S107 Helicopter make it suitable for those kids or children who are younger. Of course, it is always best to have some parental supervision nearby. It is also recommended that you fly this Syma Remote controlled helicopter indoors. Be surprised how stable and smooth the helicopter will glide in the air, and how easily it can be controlled.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift this coming Christmas, wait no more as you may have found the perfect toy, and one which is value for money and really cheap too. Toys that are posted on my cheap toys online blog are guaranteed to be good value for money toys. This RC syma helicopter is not too slow or too fast and definitely not boring which brings fun for the whole family. People can take turns just to have a go at flying and controlling this small RC heli. These helicopters are also very durable since they are made of metal and hard plastic. Even the blades are also durable!

If you like this new Syma 3 Channel S107 RC Remote Controlled HelicopterSyma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107, you might also want to check out the Syma 3 Channel S105 Mini Indoor Co-Axial Metal Frame HelicopterSyma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107, which is slightly wider and slightly longer and has more LED lights, a total of 6 to be precise. This is in comparison to the s107 which only has a single light on the front. Both can be charged with the controller or through a USB port on your computer and both are also extremely durable. So go ahead and crash those helicopters! Of course if flying helicopters is not your cup of tea, perhaps you might want to get a simple and cheap toy like the Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box instead! For something more fun and exciting, check out the Stomp Rocket Junior Glow Kit!

Syma RC Helicopter 3 Channel S107 Cheap Toy

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box - Well this is yet another post from the people who brought you cheap toys online! Remember the last time I introduced some educational and cool wooden toys from Melissa and Doug? Now there are actually plenty more where that came from! Melissa & Doug are the people who have bought you many award winning and quality toys at cheap great prices so you are never wrong buying some toys from them. This time I bring you yet another of their best selling toys, the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box. Do you know that just on the Amazon toy review page itself, there are already 204 reviews of this cheap wooden toy as of now and out of these 204 reviews, 180 gave five stars, 13 gave four stars and the other 11 gave three two or one stars. That means the results are skewed towards this toy being greater than excellent! Let us have a peek:

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food BoxMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

I am sure many children these days love to play imaginary cook, and I am not just talking about the girls here. Now with the full range of Melissa and Doug toys, as well as all those kitchen and food play sets, either wooden or plastic, parents would have many ways to teach cooking to kids in a fan and repetitive way, given that these food toys are reusable, durable and can almost last a lifetime! Not to mention that they are cheap too so they definitely qualify as cheap toys. Lets kids cook on their own any way you want or just come in as an expert kitchen cook and teach your kids how to do things right in the kitchen! Of course the best is that you get some other food sets to go with this, such as the Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making SetMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box or the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit CrateMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box you can buy a kitchen set such as the Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe KitchenMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box for more realistic fun. 

Let me give you more details on this cheap cool toy. The Cutting Food Box from Melissa and Doug contains eight pieces of wooden food, a cutting board and a wooden knife. There are a total of 31 pieces of wooden toys for kids to play with and you can even teach your kids mathematics by introducing the concepts of part, whole and fractions while the food is being chopped up! Not to mention your children gets a chance to learn the name of the fruits and vegetables. Lastly, the food makes a realistic and fun "crunch" sound when sliced, just like the real thing!

The recommended age range for this cool toy is 3 years till 6 years. Of course you can let your older kids play with it if they are still interested in such toys. But the reviewers have mentioned how good the toys are and how durable that they can last almost a lifetime! The toys are of good quality and worth the price paid for them. The downside is that some people have complained how the paint has quite a strong smell and sometimes the velcro on the toy pieces can come off easily. However overall, people seem satisfied with the toy and that is why I am recommending this cool cheap toy to my readers here. 

If you like Melissa and Doug toys, do check out my other post on the Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set. Otherwise, you should just Fisher-Price Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote that is pretty fun to play with too! Tune in here for more cheap toys online!

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box - Cheap Toys Online

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