Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box - Well this is yet another post from the people who brought you cheap toys online! Remember the last time I introduced some educational and cool wooden toys from Melissa and Doug? Now there are actually plenty more where that came from! Melissa & Doug are the people who have bought you many award winning and quality toys at cheap great prices so you are never wrong buying some toys from them. This time I bring you yet another of their best selling toys, the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box. Do you know that just on the Amazon toy review page itself, there are already 204 reviews of this cheap wooden toy as of now and out of these 204 reviews, 180 gave five stars, 13 gave four stars and the other 11 gave three two or one stars. That means the results are skewed towards this toy being greater than excellent! Let us have a peek:

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food BoxMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

I am sure many children these days love to play imaginary cook, and I am not just talking about the girls here. Now with the full range of Melissa and Doug toys, as well as all those kitchen and food play sets, either wooden or plastic, parents would have many ways to teach cooking to kids in a fan and repetitive way, given that these food toys are reusable, durable and can almost last a lifetime! Not to mention that they are cheap too so they definitely qualify as cheap toys. Lets kids cook on their own any way you want or just come in as an expert kitchen cook and teach your kids how to do things right in the kitchen! Of course the best is that you get some other food sets to go with this, such as the Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making SetMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box or the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit CrateMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box you can buy a kitchen set such as the Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe KitchenMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box for more realistic fun. 

Let me give you more details on this cheap cool toy. The Cutting Food Box from Melissa and Doug contains eight pieces of wooden food, a cutting board and a wooden knife. There are a total of 31 pieces of wooden toys for kids to play with and you can even teach your kids mathematics by introducing the concepts of part, whole and fractions while the food is being chopped up! Not to mention your children gets a chance to learn the name of the fruits and vegetables. Lastly, the food makes a realistic and fun "crunch" sound when sliced, just like the real thing!

The recommended age range for this cool toy is 3 years till 6 years. Of course you can let your older kids play with it if they are still interested in such toys. But the reviewers have mentioned how good the toys are and how durable that they can last almost a lifetime! The toys are of good quality and worth the price paid for them. The downside is that some people have complained how the paint has quite a strong smell and sometimes the velcro on the toy pieces can come off easily. However overall, people seem satisfied with the toy and that is why I am recommending this cool cheap toy to my readers here. 

If you like Melissa and Doug toys, do check out my other post on the Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set. Otherwise, you should just Fisher-Price Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote that is pretty fun to play with too! Tune in here for more cheap toys online!

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