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Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set Toy - Now Lego is hardly a cheap toy, but there are some Lego sets out there which can be worth your buck! Here at cheap toys online I try to give you some good recommendations for some really good deals on toys and these toys are usually under $30 if not $50. Well today I have found a good Lego bargain for you which costs about $25. The thing about Legos is that they are durable and offer maximum unlimited replay value. You can almost say that they are indestructible and once your children or kids get tired of them, I am sure that you can even sell the parts on eBay. I have come across somebody who buys Lego off from eBay by their weight. So buying Lego makes for a good investment! Today, I would like to introduce to you the LEGO Ultimate Building Set:

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)

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The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is the perfect cheap Lego toy set for toddlers or babies who have graduated from the Duplo stage. For those who are unaware, Lego also has Duplo bricks which are bigger Lego bricks more suitable for younger babies. The LEGO Ultimate Building Set would be the next best set for small young children before they try out Lego sets which include more detailed building instructions. Allow your child to continue on his or her Lego journey with this new Lego tub featuring a great assortment of LEGO bricks and elements! This container allows the Lego bricks to be easily packed up after play and stored away under the bed. The transparent lid also lets the builders display their models within the tub.

Now there are many Lego sets being sold which come with a building plan. The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is slightly different in that it comes with a whole load of bricks (405 pieces to be exact but you would never know if sometimes they give you more bricks accidentally) but there are no specific building plans that come with it, i.e. you can use these bricks and do anything you want with them! There are however building instructions for 5 models and photo inspiration for 25 more so it is up to you whether you want to try out building these models first. These 5 models include a house, helicopter, dog and car. However, do note that these instructions may be challenging for younger children, hence parents should be nearby to offer assistance if required.

The bricks within this cheap toy set include a building plate, minifigure, windows, doors and wheels. Unfortunately, the 405 pieces provided with the tub may not be sufficient for play. Parents of children who require more pieces, such as wheels to make more cars or plates to erect more buildings, can consider buying additional cheap Lego brick sets such as the LEGO 4+ Basic Bulk Set. The Lego Ultimate Building Set contains many small pieces and is thus designed for kids ages four and older. It includes everything a child needs to take the first steps to becoming an expert Lego builder. 

All I can say is having an open ended set encourages more creativity in kids and children. In addition, I am sure that Lego is an educational and intelligent toy which promotes quiet and thoughtful play. They are seriously fun and also help to develop the child’s motor skills and coordination. Just let your child’s imagination run wild! Children will never actually grow out of this Ultimate Building Set. All of the Lego pieces can be incorporated into future Lego collections. So the more Lego sets you buy, the greater the synergy and combined value of all your Lego.

So to end this post, all I can say is to get busy building some Lego! I have missed those days when I was younger and happy playing with Legos. Things are not the same now that I am an adult. But of course blogging about cheap toys help me keep part of my sanity in this insane world. This jam-packed Lego ultimate tub features the necessary assortment of LEGO bricks that your child needs to get started in Lego. So do your child a favour, buy him this Lego set and give it to him or her as a gift. I am sure your kid would be most grateful, it is only a small price to pay for a great bundle of fun. After that just come back to my blog again for more cheap toys and repeat the process! Enjoy those Legos!

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Cheap LEGO Ultimate Building Set Toy

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