Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship

Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship Cheap Toy - Now this is one of those cheap toys that you would really love as a kid. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? I guess you would remember Jack Sparrow and all the piratety goodness in that film. Now guess what? You do not even need to buy expensive toys from that movie and instead here at Cheap Toys Online I have found the perfect toy for you when you can have fun as a pirate! Introducing the Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship! This pirate ship toy is so fantastic that you can mix and match and create 30 different pirate ships from the given pirate ship parts! The pirate ship comes packaged as a single giant vessel and there are instruction booklets to guide you how to assemble your own home made pirate ships. And that is not all! Let us first take a look at this magnificent cheap toy!
Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship

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Well just to tell you more about this Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship cheap toy set, not only does it come with a single pirate ship that can be disassembled and reassembled into 30 different pirate ships, this cheap toy set also comes with other accessories such as a giant squid (I am guessing it is supposed to be the big kraken and did I mention that the tentacles come with suction?), 2 pirate figures (maybe one of them can be Jack Sparrow), a treasure chest and many many more. Most importantly this pirate ship can not only float on water but roll about on land as well! Well how is that for an amphibious vehicle! But of course if you are looking for something sturdier, you should check out my blog post on the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark Cheap Toy. Now that is a real toy and remote controlled one too that you can really play while in the pool or bath tub (well maybe not really in the bath tub since there would not be much space there to maneuver the toy! Anyway I do wish to introduce more bath time toys for my future posts in the Cheap Toys Online Blog!

Well guess I have digressed a bit. I forgot to mention that the pirate ship comes with working cannons and harpoons! What is a pirate ship worth if it cannot attack or defend itself! Ahoy maties this is your captain speaking and Let’s Wage War! Anyways this cheap toy costs less than $20 and is recommended for kids four years old till twelve years old. Kids will have fun creating their own ships and battling with other pirates! Did I also mention that you can buy other cheap toy sets from Matchbox such as the Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Lair? Well since you have bought the toy ship might as well get a home for the pirates! You would not be disappointed, since these are all quality cheap toys under the Matchbox Mega Rig series.

Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship Cheap Toy

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