Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden Cheap Toy - As a kid, you could say that I was like a young scientist. I was fascinated by dinosaurs especially and all the other stuff like insects and animals. Sad to say the scientific toys that children could play back then was not that advanced. In addition, if you wanted to get a scientist toy for your child then, it would be expensive and not cost effective. These days, toys are a whole lot cheaper, including educational toys that teach children about science. For today’s post, I am introducing a cool cheap toy that not only allow children to learn a great deal about butterflies which are a type of insects, but also see how these painted ladies transform from larvae into their winged forms. This cheap toy is none other than the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly GardenInsect Lore Live Butterfly Garden 
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Insect Lore is quite an established toy maker that have created many educational toys for children, such as the Insect Lore Live Butterfly PavillionInsect Lore Live Butterfly Pavillionand the Insect Lore Ladybug LandInsect Lore Ladybug Land. One of their most popular toys is actually this Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden. Simply said it is a simple observation chamber where you can look at your caterpillars through the fine, transparent mesh and see how they form chrysalides (that is the cocoon stage where the larvae form huddles up for a while in a sack) and finally emerge into full-fledged butterflies. The toy set’s observation chamber can be easily assembled and the box also comes with instructions on how to set the chamber up (the habitat collapses for storage when not in use) as well as plenty of information on butterflies. Do take note that you would have to order the larva separately. You would need to send in a mail-in voucher which entitles you to five butterfly larvae and special food for the larvae and butterflies. You provide only sugar and water. There is a $3.00 fee for processing charged and some people are not happy about this, saying that they were charged for the larvae. Then there is another group who are not happy that the larvae did not come with the Live Butterfly Garden set and they have to wait again for the larvae to come, that has disappointed their children a lot. Well at least it is better that the larvae arrive alive instead of dead, as some people have complained that the larvae died soon after they arrived. So if you do intend to buy this cool cheap toy, do take note of these points!

Nevertheless, the reviews on the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden has more good ones than bad. Most of the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden reviews were awarded five full stars, and currently that is 173 out of a total of 230 reviews. I guess you just have to take note of how fragile these small living insects can be and also the best time to rear them, which should be spring time in case the weather is too hot or too cold for them. The metamorphosis from larva to butterfly also takes about three weeks from when you receive the caterpillar larvae when they arrive in a small container with nutrients, so do tell your children in advance that sometimes they may have to wait for good results. This cheap toy is already bringing you great value for money! If you are good at rearing these critters, you can even get the butterflies to lay more eggs and end up having more tiny caterpillars! Oh do note that the toy makers advise that you they release the butterflies after a few days of observation (into a good environment that is). But you do get to see the metamorphosis and also how the larvae increase in size so that is more than enough for a real life science lesson.

All in all, this is a great product that lets children bond with their parents or family and have fun learning about insects such as butterflies in the process. It is also a very cheap toy considering that it just costs less than $20 at the time of this post. Be awed when you get to witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible butterfly observation habitat only by Insect Lore. Get the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden now to view one of the most fascinating miracles of nature. If you feel that your child is a bit too young to be rearing butterflies, check out the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table instead.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

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