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Cheap Squinkies Toys - Have you heard of the latest craze? If you remember last year there was this craze for Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters. This was also featured on my cheap toys online blog (well actually most toys featured on my cheap toys online blog end up selling like hot cakes if you know what I mean!) Anyways there is a new craze in town and this toy goes by the name of the Squinkies. So you are going to ask me what are Squinkies, right? Well this will all be explained in this post. If you also want to know where to buy Squinkies, you have also come to the right place! I do hope that you support my blog and buy these adorable Squinkies through my website. Now back to business, check out this cool new Squinkies bubble pack series one!

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series OneCheap Squinkies Toys

Each Squinkies bubble pack comes with 16 squinkies toys from the 8 different groups so you would not know which squinkie you will get till you open the pack. Each Squinkies Bubble Pack does come with a booklet to identify your squinkies though. The Squinkies Bubble Pack Series One comes in blue plastic bubbles and includes the following:

3 kittens
3 puppies
3 babies
1 pony
2 friends
4 Surprise Squinkies

So what are Squinkies toys? Squinkies Toys are the new squishy squashy thumb sized cute little figures that come in plastic bubble casing similar to gumballs. The Squinkies toys are come under different categories such as babies, friends, kitties, puppies, pets and ponies which are grouped into eight different clubs. These clubs are the hearts, crown, snowflake, butterfly, star, diamond, moon, sun and flower clubs. Each Squinky toys bubble set comes with 16 squinkie toys. There are a total of 189 squinkies to collect, including animals like pigs, frogs, monkey and elephants. They are made by Blip Toys, who also make Whimzy Pets. Blip Toys’ focus is to develop innovative new products that appeal to both boys and girls. While this Squinkies game appeal more to girls, I believe there will be boys who would be interested in collecting them all as well!

So inside each bubbly gumball case, there is a squinkies toy hidden inside to surprise your child. Each of these squinky actually has a code number, just like each and every Pokemon has their own number in the Pokedex. There are hundreds of Squinkies toys to collect and currently there are six Squinkies Bubble Packs on sale. There are also some squinky accessories in the form of Squinkies playsets and a Squinkies carry case that you can purchase too. More details on these sets later. Just know that these are cheap toys!

If you have been watching the television commercials, you would have realized that there is a massive advertisement campaign targeted at kids to buy squinkies toys and games. Though in the advertisement, the squinkies go squink or squik when you squeeze them, there are reports the ads you can hear the toys go squink when the kids squeeze them, some reports say that this is not true. So some kids are actually disappointed because they don’t get to hear and experience this cute sound. As for the use of the squinkies, I guess it is more for fun and there is not much of a practicable use for it. Well you can use Squinky toys as pencil toppers, as charm on the Squinkies surprise bracelet or as play toys. I guess your children would be more interested to own some squinkies simply because it is a fad and everyone has them. Since it is so cheap, you might as well buy some for your kids. Besides, you can use the Squinkies toys as rewards for jobs or school work well done. I will also explain more about this later. If you love Zhu Zhu Pets Cheap Toys, I am sure you will love Squinkies Cheap Toys too!

So where can you buy Squinkies? As mentioned, the best thing you could do would be to buy the squinkies off my blog here and I am selling through Amazon. You can also get them from Target. Squinkies are sold in Bubble packs containing 16 Squinkie Toys or Squinkie Play sets which include different Squinkie Toys. Check out the various play sets below. The most popular one would be the Squinkies gumball surprise playhouse, as shown below.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise PlayhouseCheap Squinkies Toys

The plus point of the Squinkies gumball surprise playhouse is that parents can use it to teach kids to save money or to reward them. This gumball machine is coin operated therefore in order for your child to obtain a new Squinkies Toy, they would have to insert a coin just like the ordinary gumball machine. Kids who have done well in exams or did their homework can be given a coin to get a new Squinkies. Parents can then buy more Squinkies to top up the gumball machine as and when required. When kids see those toys inside the transparent gumball machine, they will work so hard to earn some cash from you! Don’t forget you can get them to save money too by doubling the gumball surprise playhouse as a coin bank! 

There are other Squinkies playsets and accessories, each costing less than $50 (the accessories cost less than $10) so do check them out.

Squinkies Pencil Topper Accessory Bracelet Princess SurprizeCheap Squinkies Toys

Squinkies Pencil Topper Accessory Bracelet Birthday SurprizeCheap Squinkies Toys

Squinkies Gumball SurpriseCheap Squinkies Toys

Squinkies Palace SurpriseCheap Squinkies Toys

Squinkies Cupcake Surprise BakeshopCheap Squinkies Toys

So if you have to know where to find Squinkies, it is easier buying them online instead of hunting them down at the stores because many of them are already sold out. As Christmas approaches, I have a feeling that the demand for these cheap toys would accelerate exponentially so if you are thinking of buying them for Christmas as gifts to others, I would suggest that you do it soon! Do keep in mind that the recommended age for children and kids to play with Squinkies toys is 5 years due to the small size of the toys which can be a choking hazard for toddlers and babies

I hope you have enjoyed my Squinkies review. I can only say that these are very very cheap toys and if your kids love collecting and tiny toys then it may be worthwhile to get them some since there is a craze going on. You wouldn’t want your kids to be left out of this fad and they may start hating you for not getting them this cheap toy. Besides, you can use the Squinkies as a reward system to get your children to achieve the things you want them to achieve so I say that there is value in this toy. Do stay tuned for more great cheap toys from the cheap toys online blog! Do also check out my previous post on the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel!

Cheap Squinkies Toys | Squinkies Review

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