Cheap Bakugan Toys: Maxus Dragonoid

Cheap Bakugan Toys: Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid - If you remember one of my previous posts on cheap bakugan toys, have I got even more surprises this time around for you! If you recall, bakugans is one of the few cheap toys available on the market. They are small pocket monsters (but I am not talking about Pokemon here) that curl up into a ball (not pokeball) and which you throw onto a bakugan battle ground and the balls open up and then you can fight with your opponents bakugan. This is because the bakugan toys are magnetic in nature and contains springs, when in contact with a metal gate card, the spring is triggered and the ball opens to reveal a bakugan battle brawler. Yes that is right, these are the Bakugan battle brawlers! Shown on the small screen as a Japanese anime series translated into English that is, the bakugan toys games are a welcome sight for any pocket monster lover! Let your bakugan toys battle! If you love cheap Japanese toys, be sure to check out my post on cheap Naruto toys as well!

Now back to the main story. The makers of bakugan toys are so creative that they have come up with a new type of bakugan. Something like transformers if you ask me. Remember those transformer toys that have many single transformers morph and fix together to become one single transformer? One of the more famous ones that I like is Devastator and Bruticus from the Decepticons. If you cannot get enough of those toys, you can now check out the Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid. Just take a look at this cool bakugan, brought to you only by Cheap Toys Online.
Cheap Bakugan Toys Maxus Dragonoid

Cheap Bakugan Toys Maxus Dragonoid

If you are waiting for one of the biggest and most powerful Bakugan, the world now sees the Maxus Dragonoid which is one giant dragon robot bakugan. The Maxus Dragonoid is the combination of seven Bakugan toys (1 Bakugan and 6 Bakugan Traps actually). The transformation process is a bit complicated, but within the set there are clear instructions that make assembly easy. You cannot buy these six Bakugan Traps separately, they are unique only to the Maxus Dragonoid monster! So if you really want this bakugan cheap toy, you need to buy this full set now! A must buy item for Bakugan players and collectors. This bakugan toy comes with the Grakas Hound, Dark Hound, Grafias, Brachium, Spitarm, SpyderFencer and Neo Dragonoid, which is the main bakugan toys dragonoid. Now I am confused about all these new bakugan but you just go to catch them all (using pokemon speak that is). The good thing is all these Bakugan toys can also be used individually in the game.

If you think that is all, think again! This cool bakugan set also includes a special ability card and a metal gate card. But then this set would not be complete as you would need several other Bakugan marbles and cards that are not included in this package. If you recall I have talked about cheap bakugan toys on my cheap toys online blog before, it is at this post where you can purchase Bakugan starter packs or Bakugan booster packs. So if you are interested to buy bakugan toys, you know where to look for them now! Not only can you find cheap bakugan toys, but new bakugan toys too! Collect all bakugan toys now! Oh and one last thing, if you are crazy about 7-in-1 bakugan toys, do check out the Bakugan Maxus HeliosBakugan Maxus Helios which is also another such toy. Enjoy!

Cheap Bakugan Toys: Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid


pr said...

The Maxus Dragonoid is a killerpresent! I know, because I bought one for my sons birthday back in November and he plays with it for hours. He don't seem to get tired of it either, and that I think is a good sign for wheter it's a qualitytoy or not. The only problem these days, 10 days before Christmas, is that the Maxus Dragonoid most probably is sold out.

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